Longest Stay Back Visas for Indian Students

All you wanted to know about visa

We believe, 'Visa is a privilege and not a right'. It is not for everyone, it is not granted very often and it considered to be special. It's for those who deserve it. This special privilege associated with visa makes it all the more tough to get it. Therefore we as your educational consultant would like to simplify it for you. Let's begin!

Today around 500,000 Indian students go abroad every year. Most of us go for better opportunities and global outlook. Thus it becomes very important to focus on stay back privileges one can get post study. Over the years, US and UK have dominated as the inflow destinations when it comes to Indian students but latest political climate seems to have impacted the flow. More and more Indian students are now choosing to discover new destinations such as Europe and Pacific.

To begin with, student visa is always for the period of the studies. For example: Student visa for a bachelors program would be usually 3-4 years while a Masters program would fetch a 1-2 years student visa depending upon the program duration.

Types of Visa:

  • Student visa: 1-4 years, granted on the basis of duration of the program
  • Job seeker visa: Granted to students who have graduated and would like to seek employment in the country of their residence
  • Work Permit: Granted to students who have employment. Usually it's full time employment or contractual. Part time may not be considered as student visa already offers up to 20 hours of part time visa. Work Permit depends on several factors like nature of job, employer reputation, local job market, wages, duration etc
    Eg: France offers up to 4 years of work permit to Indian students
  • Business Visa: Granted usually to people in employment and depends on several factors. For ex: Your employer in India may send you on an on shore assignment for 3 months on a Business visa
    Students who study in France (Masters of PhD) get up to 5 years of Business visa (Spouse included)

Thus a student who studies management in the US gets a 1 year work permit followed by the application of H1B visa which may or may not be accepted. On the other hand, France shall offer 2 years job seeker visa, up to 4 years of work permit and a 5 years Business visa helps Indian students who want to study abroad. Exclusively top 200 schools globally

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