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This page is dedicated to those who took the road less travelled. Indian students who are either real time students or graduates in Europe, have shared their stories with us in order to help the next gen. understand that every Indian student has the courage and skills to study at the finest universities worldwide. We thank each and every one of those who shared their stories. Important to know, at we only provide assistance for Top 100 European universities, exclusively to Indian students. Enjoy the read!

Indian Students in Europe

Abhinav, Toulouse Business School


The Analytics guy. Read his story

Shruti, SKEMA Business School


The Fashionista. Read her story

Tête-à-tête with Indian students in Europe

Abhinav Srivastava, Indian Student, Toulouse Business School (Top 100 ranked worldwide by FT)

ED: Tell us something about yourself? 

My name is Abhinav. I am from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Apart from my hometown, I had lived nearly half a decade in Chennai where I pursued my bachelors of Technology in Bioinformatics at Sathyabama University. I was honoured with the prestigious Dr. Hargobind Khurana award for academic excellence and also felicitated with Good Medal on the 29th Convocation of the University.

Post my bachelors, I worked at Cognizant Technologies for nearly 10 months where I gained expertise on dotNet fundamentals, I had been certified as Microsoft Technology Associate in the same.

I always loved computers, right from Bits to Big Data and thus this enlightenment helped me to pursue Masters in Big Data at Toulouse Business School.

ED: Why France/Europe was your choice of Student destination?

Let’s talk from student’s perspective, anyone who wants to build a career focuses on countries/courses which have high markets value/low on cost/less saturation and lastly most beautiful tourism hub.

ED: How was your first experience in France/Europe? 

Paris, the first international destination, I landed in. Believe me, the air had the excitement, the serenity and the goals were quite vivid as I left India. I had a 6 hour time in Paris before I boarded the Air France flight to Toulouse. I didn’t get time to visit the Eiffel Tower but got a view of it from the window seat of my flight. As soon as I reached Toulouse, I unpacked my luggage and took a moment to myself to realise that finally ”It’s happening“. 

I visited my college the next day itself and met the head of my program Prof. Kevin Carillo, one of the encyclopaedias in Data Science. He gave me enough motivation to have a clear image of my dreams.

Toulouse is the pink city of France, with great sites,like St. Pierre, Pont Neuf, St. Cyprien and most importantly Toulouse Business School.

We had our first informal class meeting at Chez TonTon( a student Bar/Pub at St. Pierre), and was amazed to see people from diverse multicultural background.

The spirit is high, the goals are clear, the motivation is abundant, just the need to realise dreams and proving oneself. 

ED: Explain your regular school/class schedule?

The classes are too dynamic, most of it on choice of the class. We have scheduled French classes(60 hours ) too. Classes are generally in two sessions: Morning and then the afternoon, too rarely in the evenings too.

ED: What is your goal? 

My goal is to pursue the degree which I am enrolled and then see myself as an active Big Data/ AI architect, who can lay his foundations in Europe(preferably France) and then settle and involve in Data Revolution in India.

ED: Are you happy with what you are doing in life?

Well, Definitely I am. I am loving this phase of my life. This is most challenging one, yet success cannot be achieved in bed of roses. Hustle is the key.

ED: Do you feel you have become international citizen?

Ah, the mind has started believing so, but on my part the soul will always be Indian.


Shruti Parmar, Indian student, SKEMA Business School (Top 100 ranked worldwide by FT)

 ED: Tell us something about yourself? 

My name is Shruti Parmar, I have a tattoo in my left wrist which says “believe” so that is my philosophy of life to believe in myself and in Universe. My hometown is Dhanbad, Jharkhand. I have studied there till 8th grade then in boarding in Chennai till high school. After that I went to Pune was studying C.A and did my B.Com from there, have worked for 3 years as an intern in an audit firm, though I never loved auditing but it was obligatory to do it but I loved the corporate environment. I wasted a year and half trying to clear my C.A finals and I realized I need to put an end its not working. My friend tells me about this course of studying Luxury and Fashion market I was like that’s something new and not regular stuff I research and today I am here in France the fashion capital studying MSc Luxury and Fashion Management at Skema Business School Sophia Antipolis.

So my career graph looks weird but I believe later or sooner I landed to something I am loving, I want to work as an Brand Designer, Image Consultant or in Marketing department. 

ED: Why France/Europe was your choice of Student destination?

I was clear that I wanted to study Luxury and Fashion Industry and the next question was which county there are two simple reasons to choose it the stay back visa is for 2 years and which place better to study Fashion.

ED: How was your first experience in France/Europe?

The Jetlag had made me all dizzy until my flight was landing to Nice and I had butterflies in my stomach realizing now I am actually here the view of French Rivera was breathtaking while landing. I was overwhelmed that my aunt and landlady had come to see me at the airport. When I entered my apartment it was a small cozy place, I was happy with the place and the next day I walked the old cobbled streets of Biot enjoying the beauty around and now it’s been two months almost we know people around us they are like our friends and family. Especially there an uncle who is a café owner and he is like my father to me, I would drop by to his café anytime and have life talks with him. The first day at college was great it was amazing to see different nationalities and speak to them. I remember the head of program, Prof. Ivan Coste telling us to think “out of the box” these words are stuck with me and I believe this will take me to new heights.  

ED: Explain your regular school/class schedule?

Nothing is regular and monotonous here which is what I like about the education here be it the lecture timings, its different every day. The knowledge imparted is too wide you need to keep researching and reading every day to know more.

ED: What is your goal? 

I am in love with France, though there is a lot to explore but I would love to find work in France or London and spend my life here.

ED: Are you happy with what you are doing in life?

I am contempt, not sure if happy. The field I have chosen is very new to me. But I wanted something with creative edge and this feels perfect.

ED: Do you feel you have become international citizen?

It’s a great feeling, it’s has broadened my horizon of thinking.

Any other suggestions, comments

Dream and believe and work for it. Wonders do happen