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Why study in UK

England is never in a hurry because she is eternal.

This quote by Henryk, a Polish Nobel winning novelist says it all.

What was true about the UK centuries ago, remains true today as well. UK is renowned for its education system, top ranked universities and for producing world leaders. Not to forget UK is also the home to English, the language of business. Explore Study in UK

Some of the important reasons to study in UK

  • Prestigious universities
  • Highest number of Triple Accredited Business schools in the world
  • Flexible Education system: International exchange programs and semester abroad
  • 1 year Masters degree programs
  • London is home to top companies and banks from across the globe
  • No need to learn a new language

Edvisory Advantage

Edvisory provides Application, counselling, admission support for Top 10 universities/B Schools

However for information on British Education, lifestyle you may also visit your nearest British Council, a national agency by Govt. of UK. 

For FT 100 Best schools including the top schools in the UK, Edvisory offers you tailor made solutions

What to study in UK

Degree Programs

  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • MIM (Master in Management)
  • MS/MSc/MA (Master of Science/Arts)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • BS (Bachelor of Science)

Non Degree Programs

  • Online programs
  • Certificate programs
  • Summer school
  • Exchange programs


  • Business & Economics
  • Finance, Trade
  • International Business, Marketing
  • Supply Chain, Logistics
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • International Marketing
  • Luxury & Brands Management
  • Fashion 
  • Sports & Events
  • Engineering
  • Science & Technology

*There are several other programs but we have mentioned the most chosen programs by international students


Business & Economics remain most chosen subjects for international students in the UK. Also, no need to learn a new language.

Where & when to study in UK

Combining both public and private universities, UK has around 70+ universities in world's top 500 and 4 in global top 10.

Edvisory shall be listing the top universities, schools as per the rankings and the choice of international students.

Despite Brexit, UK universities remain united in their joint efforts to continuing welcoming international students from across the EU and the entire world


  • Spring Intake: Classes commence from January to March
  • Fall Intake: Classes commence in September, October

*Best time to apply: 6-8 months in advance


UK universities have always ranked among the top 10 globally. Also, they have produced maximum number of world leaders.

Best Business Schools in UK

London Business School


  • Ranking: 1
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 50 Lacs

London School of Economics


  • Ranking: 2
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 40 Lacs

Warwick Business School


  • Ranking: Top 10
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 30 Lacs

Judge Business School


  • Ranking: Top 5
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 50 Lacs

Saïd Business School


  • Ranking: Top 5
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 50 Lacs

Imperial College London


  • Ranking: Top 10
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 35 Lacs

Manchester Business School


  • Ranking: Top 10
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 30 Lacs

Cranfield University


  • Ranking: Top 10
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 30 Lacs

Edinburgh Business School


  • Ranking: Top 10
  • Best known for: MBA, MSc
  • Avg Fee: 25 Lacs

Best Universities in UK

University of Cambridge


Ranked 1 in UK, 5th worldwide, Cambridge was founded in 1209, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. 19,000 students per year

University of Oxford


Ranked 6th worldwide, it is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. It has produced so far 27 British Prime Ministers, 30 international leaders, 50 Nobel Prize winners

University College London


7th in the world, UCL has 16,000 international students among 38,000 total enrolments as of 2017. One of the most international universities

Imperial College London


8th worldwide, ICL is the fourth & final UK university to appear in the global top 10 as per QS

King's College London


23rd worldwide as per QS, KCL is renowned for its medical education & research. Its home to world’s first nursing school

University of Edinburgh


Jointly 23rd in the world, it is the highest ranked Scottish university and often known as Athens of the North

Scholarships to study in UK

Hornby scholarships


Educational trust scholarships for those looking to study and teach English

Commonwealth Scholarship


CS is for students of Commonwealth countries who can make a significant contribution to their native country after the completion of a higher education programme in the UK

Charles Wallace India Trust


CWIT is for working professionals who want to spend time in the UK, helping them to achieve artistic, academic and professional ambitions and to broaden their international contacts

Visa to study & work in UK

Short stay visa


  • Details: Student visa to short programs 1-2 months
  • Duration: Max 2 months depending on program length
  • When to apply: 2-3 months before course
  • Where to apply: VFS or Consulate
  • Right to work: Nil

Long stay visa


  • Details: Student visa to Degree program
  • Duration: 1 year min.
  • When to apply: 2-3 months before the program
  • Where to apply: VFS or Consulate
  • Right to work: 10-20 hours per week max. depending on study level

Work permit


On Sep 11th, 2019 the UK introduced 2 years STAY BACK visa for international students to work or seek employment

Edvisory Assurance

Information provided on Edvisory website is accurate and subject to public announcements by universities and the Governments.

Note: For the purpose of rankings, Edvisory adheres to QS & Financial Times

Image courtesy: School websites, QS, FT, THE

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