Public Universities

What are Public Universities

A public university is a university that is publicly owned or receives significant public funds through a national or subnational government, as opposed to a private university. Whether a national university is considered public varies from one country (or region) to another, largely depending on the specific education landscape.

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Higher Education establishment in France consists: Universities and Grandes Ecoles. While Universities are mostly Public, Grandes Ecoles can be both Public and Private(Expensive). Classic case of Grandes Ecoles would be Sciences PO vs HEC Paris where the former is a Public University and the latter being a Business School (Expensive)

Tuition fee: As low as €400, however recently the fees for international students has been increased and in some cases it can be an average of €3,000


Most of the universities in Germany are Public and hence even the professors are regarded as Public Servants. Germany is known for low tuition fee and in certain cases almost none.

Germany is also home to top universities in the area of science, technology, research etc.

Tuition Fee: As low as Zero, usually €250 per semester/year


Almost all universities are Public and charge no tuition fee

Rest of Europe

Mostly consists Public universities which charge tuition fee less than €1,000 per year


Consider the example of University of Delhi in India. 

University of Delhi teaches multiple subjects in various streams including technology and management. However there are specialised schools for technology and management ie. IITs and IIMs.

Similar is the concept of Public universities in Europe

Why Public Universities

Elite Education Framework

Education Framework and guidelines for Public universities in EU are generally defined by EU or Govenrnments, hence up to date and best


Public universities get a government funding and hence invest a lot on research. History is evident that most of the Nobels have gone to Public schools


Public universities in Europe are usually 200-300 years old and rank among the best in the world. For Example, almost all Nordic and German universities rank among top 200 worldwide

Low Cost

Average Tuition fee can be €0 - €400 per semester/year. However the cost of living would be separate and may vary from location to location


Public universities are highly accredited and recognised worldwide, since they are accredited by state and international accreditation agencies


Since the degree is recognised globally, they are well accepted among industries and corporate world. Therefore lower the investment, higher the ROI in Education vs Jobs

Best Public Universities in Europe



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Rankings Methodology

At Edvisory we follow world's finest rankings platforms namely, QS, TIMES, Financial Times, Eduniversal etc. The above ranking of Public Universities comes from TIMES Higher Education, Business Schools from QS. More on specialisations from the Financial Times (Majorly known for European Rankings) can be found at below