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There are 13,000 Business schools in the world. Less than 1% of them are Triple accredited by 3 most prestigious accreditations in the world ie AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Advantage of Triple accreditation: Your degree is valued & recognised worldwide

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This is why, is your gateway to FT 200 Best Global universities


10 Reasons to choose Edvisory

FT 200 Best Schools


Your gateway to FT/QS ranked Best 200 schools. International Higher Education is at the core of

Alum Counsellors


Edvisory counsellors have studied at top Universities across the globe. 

Entire Edvisory team is alums of FT 200 Schools



Edvisory Founder counselled students have taken admission at all top International Schools 

Max scholarships


Almost all of the users secure some form of scholarship at their choice of schools. Usually it's a higher percentage than any other educator

Money Saver


Took IELTS & GMAT? Well, what if it wasn't even needed at the first place? Get test fee and application fee waivers only at Edvisory

End to End Assistance

study-in-france-with-indians-edvisory helps you in finding the right school, preparing application, guiding on SOP, LORs, CV, Interview, assists you for education loans, helps in student visa. Thus everything!



Yes, we respond at midnight and sometimes at 3 am too! Read more

UNLIMITED Counseling


We do not restrict aspirants to . 20-30 minutes of FREE counseling rather offer them an unparallel assistance

Education Loan


Loans can be a headache but with Edvisory, you are covered! We bring the best in class student loan assistance to you. Read more



We were founded in the Autumn of 2018, since then we have never been rated 4 or less stars. Read more

11th reason


Last year had 52 weeks and Edvisory made 53 videos for you. Every week we make one, to provide you seamless information. Watch here

12th reason


We offer best in town coffee  to every visitor

Pro Bono Services

Profile Assessment


Got a Test score, CV, Docs and hence applied to a university but got rejected! Well, Do not waste money in applications just like that! Get FREE profile evaluation

Resume Building


Some countries follow 1 page resume, some 2 and some even 3. Also what would be the right resume for a B School? Get assisted!

European Edu. Information


There are 50 countries in Europe, Which ones are the best for you? Get a complete list and guidance!

Shortlisting right school


Choosing the right school is as important as choosing a right life partner. Edvisory shares with you the finest schools to choose from

Shortlisting right program


Whether you want to be a generalist or specialist, it will define the rest of your career. Edvisory helps you understand if you need an MBA or MS in Finance

Student Loan


Each user will benefit from student loan assistance from premier Indian banks

Premium Assistance

The Suite


Why, What, When, Where, Which, How? Suite answers all your questions to study in Europe. The C suite, manages your application end to end from choosing the right school to getting there

Resume Building


A 3 page resume is for industry experts, 1 page is for fresh grads. Get the resume build for European schools and identify the difference b/n types

Value of your resume: Up to 10% of weightage

SOP Review


SOP is not the CV and vice versa. It's not also just about your motivation but entire 'you' in 1,000 words

Value of your SOP: Up to 25% of weightage

LORs Review


We've all bragged about ourselves once or twice in our lives. Point is how much of that is 'true'. Important point is, 'What do others say about you'

Value of your LORs: Up to 20% of weightage

Interview Prep


The final steps are usually the toughest ones. Get to know best interview tips to crack university interviews and know what they are looking for in 'you'

Value of your Interview: Up to 20% of weightage

Word Usage


Brevity is an art. The difference b/n the ones who succeed and who don't is 'the words' they use. Find the most emphatic words for your SOP, Interview

Value of key words: Invaluable

The Pro Tips

How to ace a foreign university interview?

How to write a great SOP (Statement of Purpose) for university?

How to prepare a great LOR (Letter of Recommendation) for university?

Premium Assistance Packs

KEDGE BS Update: Nov 27th, 2018 onwards also holds the office of KEDGE BS in India and hence, entire assistance for KEDGE BS aspirants is free. Any payment is not encouraged.


Defence Background waiver


100% waiver for candidates with defence background

Girl Candidate waiver


10% flat waiver for all girl candidates

Group/referral waiver


10% waiver on groups/referrals

The À la carte subscriptions

To know more in details about standalone packs and the subscription procedure, kindly connect with our counseling team. They are only valid for PREMIUM packs

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