About us

"Higher Education is among the most promiment decisions we ever take in our lives. This decision has the power to define the rest of our lifetime. Therefore it is highly important to make that decision wisely."

At Edvisory.in we provide you with the tools and information to help you choose the right path. We connect you with the finest schools, share with you the numerous programs and their possible impact on your career, so you are ready to make the wise call. Once the goal is set, we work together with you on the various parts of your application process. Our expert counsellors hold your hand until you take the flight to your next abode. Not done yet, over the time we form a strong bond with each and every user for life and thus we stay in touch with you always. We come back to you for feedback, understanding your career change requirements and advise you on your next moves, if required. Edvisory.in thus enhances not just its value but also rises in terms of its size by making each one of you a family member for life.

Today Edvisory.in helps Indian students to study at top European universities like HEC Paris, LSE, Mannheim Business School, ESMT Berlin, ESSEC, EDHEC, EMLYON, Toulouse Business School, Audencia Business School, SKEMA, KEDGE, IFA, IFM, Istituto Marangoni & ERASMUS etc.

Edvisory.in is a team of highly professional and industry experienced leaders. The USP of Edvisory.in is the expertise of its counselors, all of who studied at top European universities.

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Time we become a global citizen!


Edvisory.in is the brainchild of Prayag Raj Tripathi, who hung his Parisian boots last summer and moved to India in order to create a holistic platform for Indian students willing to study at FT 100 Best European universities. 

Having worked in corporate sector for 8 years, he holds an invaluable experience of having counselled more than 15,000 Indian students many of who are currently studying at top European schools. He has also played a vital role in enhancing the brand value of European universities in India.

Prior to founding Edvisory.in, he worked with TATA India, Bertelsmann Germany & Diplomeo France. He believes in the impact of global education and wants to make the journey of every Indian student willing to study abroad, a simpler one!

Besides solving the problems of bright students who want to study in Europe, he likes to travel, compose poetry and play sports.

Consulting Counselors

Finance Expert


  • Brinda Gupta
  • Alumna, EDHEC Business School (Ranked Top 100 worldwide by Financial Times)
  • Masters in Finance

Analytics Expert


  • Abhinav Srivastava
  • Student, Toulouse Business School (Ranked Top 100 worldwide by Financial Times)
  • Masters in Analytics

Luxury & Brands Expert


  • Vanshita Poddar
  • Alumna, Rennes School of Business (Ranked Top 100 worldwide by Financial Times)
  • Masters in Luxury & Brands

Supply Chain Expert


  • Veer Vikram singh
  • Student, Audencia Business School (Ranked Top 100 worldwide by Financial Times)
  • Masters in Supply Chain

Marketing Expert


  • Aishwarya K
  • Alumna, Toulouse Business School (Ranked Top 100 worldwide by Financial Times)
  • Masters in Marketing

MBA Expert


  • R Chaudhury
  • Alumnus, EMLYON Business School (Ranked Top 100 worldwide by Financial Times)
  • International MBA

Learn about us from the best who studied abroad at FT 100 best schools

There is a reason why top universities across the globe keep alumni on the interview table while recruiting new candidates. They are the best in terms of analysing a candidate alongside the core recruiters. Learn about us from the best in business, the Edvisory.in educational consultant. Our counsellors are either full time students or industry leaders working at top firms across Europe. Enrol with us for a life altering experience and learn from the best. 

(All the verified counsellors could not be listed here, therefore contact us for your choice of target schools. Also all the Counsellors hail from FT ranked Top 100 B schools for Master's programs)